Boosting Global Sales with a Modern Website: The Vaidban Ayurved Bhawan Success Story

vaidban case study

Vaidban Ayurved Bhawan, a global supplier of Ayurvedic medicines, operates in countries such as India, Canada, the USA, Australia, the UK, and more. With over 150 employees and more than 30 years of experience in the Ayurvedic medicine field, they are a reputable and well-established business.

Challenge faced by Vaidban

Before collaborating with us, Vaidban Ayurved Bhawan had a rudimentary website with an underwhelming user interface and a lack of well-structured information. Since they lacked a dedicated in-house web design and maintenance team, their online sales potential was untapped, and the website wasn’t contributing to their business growth.

Solution Process

To address Vaidban’s challenges, we embarked on a thorough redesign of their website. We began by identifying and mapping out the issues that were impeding their online presence. After obtaining client approval, we drafted a blueprint to kick-start the design process.

We prioritized designing a user-friendly UI & UX, understanding that a good user experience would be crucial to increasing sales. We researched competitors and modern design trends to ensure Vaidban would stand out in the online Ayurvedic medicine market.


The new website was built on the robust WordPress platform, employing premium plugins such as Elementor Pro and WooCommerce to provide a flexible, feature-rich, and eCommerce-ready solution.

Upon completing the design, we presented it to Vaidban for any necessary modifications. Once the changes were implemented and approved, the new site was ready for launch.


From day one of launching the new website, Vaidban Ayurved Bhawan began to witness impressive results. Online orders started flowing in, signaling a successful transformation from an outdated, unprofitable website to a modern, revenue-generating platform. Within one year, online sales hit a staggering figure of 10 million Indian Rupees, proving the immense value of the website redesign.


Our collaboration with Vaidban Ayurved Bhawan illustrates how an effective website design and implementation can unlock previously untapped online sales potential. The success of this project underscores the significant impact that an intuitive UI, well-structured information, and an overall appealing web design can have on a company’s bottom line.